It's that time of the year again. The sun starts to rise later and begins to set as soon as we step foot out of the office. The mornings are misty and bleak, and before we know it we are dusting off the turn out rugs. Wondering how long it will be until the horses are back in full heavy weights. The very rugs you feel you have only just packed away. Yet there is this part of us that is secretly excited when Autumn starts rolling in. These are our 14 reasons you know Autumn is on it's way....

 1. Coats are back out in full force, layer, fleece, gilet, lined jacket. Should be enough to keep us warm to hay the horses in September, shouldn't it? 

2. You may not be able to locate, bag, keys and purse but you know exactly where those wellies are. They are now your staple footwear for anything that involves going close to a field. You find yourself casting back feeling melancholy to the days where it felt even too hot for socks.

3. You begin stocking up on winter supplies. Hayledge, shavings, feed. Is this Autumn, horse hibernation or an apocalypse? 

4. Early signs of muddy gate ways start to make an appearance and flash back to last winter make you feel queasy.

5. You don't leave the house without a torch in tow. If it isn't a missing rug or bucket, it's a broken fence, frozen water bucket or the dog has run off and you cannot see a thing. 

6. Everyone at the office is sharing their excitement for pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween and bonfire night. You instead are excitedly counting down the days until the hunting season starts.

7. Mud fever replaces the irritation you thought would leave you when all the flies were gone. 

8. Competitions begin to move indoors but indoors still means freezing cold. The added pressure of getting the horse in the lorry avoiding mud and puddles and arriving there clean just ramped up a notch

9. The new season of heavy weight turnouts start filling the shop and you want them all. Once purchased the first thing you do is lay it out on the living room floor, try it on and think how snug he is going to be this winter. 

10. The excitement for clipping starts to creep in, especially owners of greys. Deciding what clip you are going to give them consuming all of your thoughts. If only we thought this much about our own hair cuts!

11. You are still unsure what you should be doing with the horse rug wise. One minute you want to duvet them up if there was an electric blanket for horses they would have it. Two hours later you are stripping them off in search of shade because September has thrown an Indian summer at us

12. You start to swap those long light evenings cleaning the yard, making sure everything is neat and tidy whilst making the most of the lovely weather. To rushing home to clean the house instead but it suddenly has become more inviting. 

13. You moan about the cold, dark days but secretly you are happy you can go home early and sit by the fire with your feet up.

14. You find yourself eagerly awaiting those crips frosty mornings that turn into bright sunny days on the yard with a cup tea catching up with everyone. 

What do you secretly love about Autumn and Winter?