Pony club camp can bring back an assortment of feelings to many of us. For me, it is that gut wrenching feeling, fully aware my Welsh Section A, Tommy, would try and more than likely with success buck me off at least twice every day. To senior camp where I made lasting friendships, lifetime memories and came home with the cleanest tack I had all year.

For many of us, the summer holidays were marked by this week away from home with our favourite four-legged friends.

With the help of some of our pony club friends, we have curated a list of memories we have from summer camps with the Pony Club. We have been sent various stories of different camp experiences, from sleeping in a barn and cow stalls to having milk straight from the farm for breakfast and even trying to dye ponies bay with tea bags. We have enjoyed the stories that have been sent in so much that we would love for you to continue sending them. These are some of the things we remember from our summer camps with the pony club.

  • Manual of horsemanship trivial pursuit.

  • Weak orange cordial and eagerly awaiting the arrival of said drink and ice buns for the mid-morning break.

  • Everything new, new tack cleaning set, new grooming kit, new best jodhpurs, new hoof oil. Same naughty pony.

  • Revising for your C+ all summer like your life depended on it but not touching your summer homework at all.

  • Losing the luxury of small pony club camps where you stayed in lovely houses for the week. To the ‘new’ style camps where you had to either sleep in your lorry or a tent.

  • Cleaning the corners of your stable with a dust pan, face or even a paint brush, because everyone knew the stable management trophy was really the one that everyone wanted.

  • Every girl fancying the one token boy that was at camp that year.

  • The year you were prompted to ‘grown’ up camp, which meant staying away from home for the week.

  • Spotting the arrival of your parents on Friday afternoon for the show and end of week prize giving and it feeling like you left home years ago.

  • The loyalty you have for your pony club branch. When another girl from school would mention she was a member of the rival branch and you would look at her in sheer disbelief. 

  • Swimming in outdoor pools despite it only being 8 degrees, it may have bene August but it was still England.

  • Being told about that notorious riding instructor, your sister gave you nightmares about and landing in her group.

  • The evening entertainment, cinema trips, laser quest, meeting up with other camps, the week was always packed with things to do. 

  • Falling off in those new cream jodhpurs.

  • The anticipation of what day the afternoon of dreaded non-stirrups was going to fall on.

  • The food – so – many – cakes

  • Eagerly counting down to the afternoon of XC schooling

  • Forgetting something important like your girth or riding hat despite your mum asking  ‘have you got everything? ’ 15 times. Or as a friend told us, losing the landrover keys and having to get a whole new one made the morning of camp

  • Your Pony escaping – every single day of camp. Even after warning the instructor that your 12hh pony could jump out of 5ft fence field.

  • Joining up with other camps taking place that week and catching up on all the gossip

Do you have any memories from your summer camps with the pony club? We would love for you to share them in the comment box below.