Teddy the Shetland is our first Pony of the Moment and it’s not hard to see why! Teddy is a one year old palomino miniature Shetland, at 28 inches high this dreamy little man is still small enough to sneak into Alice’s house for a few cuddles and treats! Teddy has his own Instagram you can follow here with nearly 35 thousand followers, he is a very popular little man! You can follow his owner Alice on Twitter here.

Alice bought Teddy from the Pinglewood Stud in Rugby when he was 4 months old. When Teddy grows up he is hoping he will be ridden by some small people just like him but he does love a good day out showing with his Mum Alice.

Teddy has a very important job visiting children at schools and people who are poorly to make them smile. His favourite thing to do in the whole world is to eat, he will eat ANYTHING especially yummy carrots, but he also loves long walks with the dogs, cuddles, and falling asleep on his mummy’s lap.

He also loves to show people how clever he is at performing his tricks, he can stand on a step to reach bedsides and he can lie down on command. Teddy is a very happy little chap, but he doesn’t like being left out when the big horses go off to competitions, so Teddy always makes sure he jumps into the horse box so he’s not left behind especially if his best friend Eventer Joey is going who he wants to be just like when he grows up.

We would like to thank, Alice and Teddy for all their lovely work making people happy and staring as our Pony of the moment! If you would like your pony to feature on this page please email hello@todhpurs.co.uk