Earlier this week Becca Hart, also known as The Farriers Wife on Instagram tagged us in a 20 facts about us challenge. This made me realise, whilst you all probably know how and why Todhpurs came to be and a bit about us behind the brand there are so many little facts and details that have helped us to where we are today that we would like to share with you. So these are 20 facts about Todhpurs as it stands today

1. Our logo, font and colours were designed by the very talented Joanne from Jo Elise Designs, but it wasn’t the first logo we had designed. There were others before that did not feel right to us or fit the brand. We then met Jo and it all fell into place.

2. The Todhpurs journey began when we couldn’t find boots for George (Hannah’s Son) as a New born baby present (we are practical aunts, and thought riding wear for a new born was essential). After endless searching with no success, we knew toddlers and small children deserved better, more comfortable and supportive boots and parents deserved an easier time getting boots on and off and finding the correct riding equipment to keep little ones safe.

3. Our first boot was designed at the beginning of 2015 it took nearly two years to take it from design stages to product.

4. In those two years, we approached the manufacturer and had four samples made until we were happy with the end product.

5. Our first editorial was in Polo Quarterly magazine for their summer edition 2017.

6. Todhpurs boots went on sale in January 2017. We did not intend for them to go on sale in January but it happened that way due to lead time and delivery and it was a great way to start 2017.

7. Our youngest sister Pip came up with the name, 'Tod' for Toddlers and 'hpurs' from jodhpurs, I am sure you have all worked that out but we love it.

8. Each shoe box is sent out with a packet of Polos for ponies and colouring sheets for little ones to enjoy so parents can have a few minutes peace and quiet, as our little thank you.

9. Our only marketing has been through social media and you lovely people sharing our posts and spreading the word which we will be forever grateful for.

10. Jolly Tots Equestrian were the first E-commerce site to stock our boots, they have a fab range of products for all little riders.

11. We then expanded to Redmill’s in Ireland in June 2017 making them the first stockist outside the UK.

12. The talented illustrators at Forelock Books provide us with the lovely drawings that go inside each box.

13. Freya was one of the first toddlers to own a pair of Todhpurs and thanks to her Mum’s great photos she has become an amazing ambassador of the brand. We have loved watching her and other Tod’s riding progress in their Todhpurs boots.

14. The boots were designed to overcome toddler and child obstacles we had experienced with a toddler around a horse and the stables. Because of this we want to make our boots perfect and have really appreciated receiving your feedback on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter when we have asked a question.

15. Our aim is to send all used boots to riding schools for the disabled. These are boots that are sent back to us in exchange for 15% off next purchases.

16. In just 8 months we have grown from launching a new product to being in a position where we can sponsor classes at shows and put money and support behind young upcoming Tod riders.

17. In the first week of having his Todhpurs George wouldn’t take them off, he fell asleep in them, went nursery in them and of course rode pixie a lot in them. We have also heard from a lot of customers this is a bit of a running theme with new boots.

18. Zahra Lucas, Laura Tomlinson, Sophie Broome and Aurora Eastwood also have Todhpurs boots for their children. Having this level of support from all of you that have purchased them in our first year was absolutely incredible for us especially when they got the approval from Louenna Hood who is a Qualified Norland Nanny with an equestrian background knowing we received her stamp of approval from an equestrian and professional child carer point of view made us feel like we were on the right track.

19. We are currently working on two new boot designs.

20. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our brown boot order to be the second in our string of equestrian products for toddlers and young children.

These are our 20 facts, I look forward to adding more of these posts as the brand develops but for now I want to thank Becca for tagging us in the challenge and everyone for their support and all the other amazing businesses that were mentioned in this post.