Winston Churchill once said “Don't give your son money. As far as you can afford it, give him horses. No one ever came to grief, except honourable grief, through riding horses. No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle.” (We believe the same applies to daughters also) and since then no truer word has been said.

We are three sisters who came up with the idea of Todhpurs when my Nephew (Hannah’s Son) George was born back in 2015. As a family unable to escape our Mother’s horse obsession we had no choice but to be sucked into this world of cold winters, long summers and unconditional love (even when our ponies bucked us off just as we were crossing the line in gymkhana games).

Our parents gave us the best start in life because they gave us our ponies, (they were definitely not the best ponies, I am certain my primary school teacher will vouch for that after the exasperated look on her face each time I walked in with a new sling on) but it was a start I will forever owe to them.

Having a pony taught us a skill and a talent that even some adults cannot pluck up the courage to do. It taught us to love unconditionally and care for something else even if we couldn’t pick out matching socks. We couldn’t put our washing in the washing basket but we would be down on our hands and knees with a dandy brush at pony club camp making sure we had the neatest turned out stable because every prize counts and it was far better than winning the most bucked off. Having a pony taught us the thrill of adrenaline at 5 years old, it taught us routine, responsibility, discipline, commitment and how to be dignified in not winning and it opened us up to a whole new friendship group out of school, which for many of us was an escape when the other kids didn’t understand why you didn’t care arriving school smelling of horse with unbrushed hair, just because you managed to sneak to check the horses with your Granddad in the morning.

 I may now be a 26-year-old with knots in my back, aches and pains when I move but I have an escape when things are on top of me, fresh air and a love like no other, and I owe all that to riding.

It was clear that there was going to be no escape for George either. Our Mum had her eye on a Shetland owned by a friend from the moment Hannah announced her pregnancy. Finding the perfect pony was not hard, but finding the perfect boot, was like finding a needle in a haystack (excuse the pun). We didn’t want George to have to endure the old style Chelsea boots we had with the thin, hard soles that made us lose feeling to our toes and experience pain like no other when we slid down off our ponies and hit the concrete floor.

What started as a bit of a tongue in cheek conversation between the three of us, “I can’t find any boots for George” “We should make our own boots” “We should call them Todhpurs” all just spiralled from there. And I would like to say from then on it was that easy but I wouldn’t lie to you all. From finding and meeting with the suppliers to endless samples, new sports soles and trials and tribulations and learning things I never dreamed I would need to know, 18 months on I can hardly believe myself that our boots are finally here.

All we aim to do is give your children the best start in their equestrian lives. We want the ponies in their lives to bring the joy and love to them that ours did, the tears, the falls, your children shouting at you for various things will all be worth it when they get to our age and realise they were really the luckiest children in the world. When they look back at their naughtiest ponies and have endless stories that fill them with laughter, we will know that what we set out to do, by providing children with the best equestrian products to support them from an early age was worth it.

I hope you enjoy Todhpurs as much as we do and I would just like to say as massive thank you to friends, family and everyone that helped us on this journey so far. Especially to Paul Ainsworth, who without we wouldn’t be at this point today, our parents for endless encouragement and partners for putting up with our endless meetings over dinner.

 This is our first blog for Todhpurs, but I am looking for anyone who currently has a super fab pony who would like to feature as our pony of the month. Please email  Please share with us all your favourite memories of growing up with ponies and learning to ride.