Our friend Becky Heath has kindly helped us out with this blog for Todhpurs. Over the years Becky has worked with Hunters, show ponies and with Dressage horses, so when it comes to perfect turnout for all occasions she has it covered. 

When I see Becky and her horse Mikey, even if it is just a casual school hire, Mikey always looks like a horse that has just stepped out of a Disney movie. That morning I would have dragged Rooney from the field, washed his legs off, painted his hooves for a bit of contrast and given him a once over with a brush. Mikey, on the other hand, has a coat that shines as bright as a diamond and a tail that could star in the next L'Oreal advert.

We have teamed up with Becky so she can share some of her secrets, these are Becky’s ‘cheats’ and favourite products she uses to maintain that all year round perfect coat:

A good shampoo and condition

Just like us, a good shampoo and deep condition will do wonders to their coat. Rinse well at both stages then apply some show sheen when the tail has dried. Only brush through when the conditioner is on or wait until the tail Is completely dry before brushing so you don't damage the hair. 

Lincoln Muddy Buddy

If your pony is prone to mud fever or you would like to keep white socks white, apply Muddy Buddy powder using a body brush. Rub the powder into the bottom of your pony’s legs. This acts as a barrier against mud and bacteria and keeps the socks white as opposed to using think messy creams and oils. If you want to keep the horse's legs extra dry and clean, Equilibrium Equi-Chaps are amazing. Use these on top of the Muddy Buddy powder if the fields are very Muddy. Your pony will come back in with clean, dry legs and the chaps can go straight into the washing machine.

Hot cloth twice a week

This is the trick you will wonder how you lived without during the winter months! It saves you from having to do a full bath in the cold weather and brings the coat up a treat. Use hot water, add a squeeze of baby oil, and rub it all over their coat with a cloth. Make sure you wring the towel out well, you don’t want to leave the coat wet. This removes all the dirt from the coat leaving it clean and smooth.

For those white socks

For those whiter than white socks use fairy liquid. This will remove all the stains and lift the dirt out leaving the socks brilliantly white. It is so important you rinse all the fairy liquid out thoroughly. If you are off to a show, add powdered chalk to damp legs. This should form a paste over your pony’s legs. Leave this to dry and when they are ready just brush the excess chalk off.

The Big Bath

For some, this has to wait until the weather brightens up in the spring, but a thorough bath can be just what they need. Use Wahl Dirty Beastie shampoo for the body and head. Start with the head using a sponge and warm water. Rinse the shampoo from the head using a jug and make sure all of the residue has been removed. Then move on to the mane and tail so you can rinse all the shampoo out and leave the conditioner to soak in whilst you wash your pony’s body. Wet the pony all over and use a rubber comb to lather up the shampoo on the coat. After, rinse through including the conditioner and apply the show sheen, locking it into the coat with a cloth.

Show sheen

Apply Absorbine shown sheen anywhere you don’t put tack or boots. For the best coverage, spray it onto the coat and lock it in by wiping the coat over with a tea towel or sheepskin mitt.

Baby Oil

Use under the tail, between the legs – sweat will wipe straight off.

So there you have it, some easy tricks to keep your pony show ready this year. If you have any special tricks or grooming hacks you can’t live without please let us know or if you have any ponies scrubbed up in the showing ring we would love to see them email us at hello@todhpurs.co.uk

All products mentioned in this post have been linked to their websites. This post was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned and these are all Todhpurs own thoughts and opinions. 

 Photographs courtisy of Joanna Clowes and her amazing ponies.