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Toddler Friendly Boots for Tods and Parents. 

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We are proud to be stocking Dinky Chaps and Pampeano belts and Polo stick 

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Todhpur Boots
t's that time of the year again. The sun starts to rise later and begins to set as soon as we step foot out of the office. The mornings are misty and bleak, and before we know it we are dusting off the turn out rugs. Wondering how long it will be until the horses are back in full heavy weights. The very rugs you feel you have only just packed away. Yet there is this part of us that is secretly excited when Autumn starts rolling in. These are our 14 reasons you know Autumn is on it's way....
Earlier this week Becca Hart, also known as The Farriers Wife on Instagram tagged us in a 20 facts about us challenge. This made me realise, whilst you all probably know how and why Todhpurs came to be and a bit about us behind the brand there are so many little facts and details that have helped us to where we are today that we would like to share with you.